sábado, mayo 02, 2009

Beautiful girls

-You know how it is at the beginnings when you first fall in love? You can't eat. You can't sleep. Getting a call from her makes your day, like seeing a shooting star.
-It's the best.
-But inevitably, it goes away. So, this is my thing, you see. Why get married now? Why not have two, three more of those beginnings before I settle into the big fade?
-The big fade? That's an awful way to put it.
-She's coming tomorrow.
-That's obvious.
-I got no feeling about that. I got a feeling of overwhelming ambivalence. But I would rather dread her arrival than not give a shit. It's amazing that there's a guy that gets to do things with you. He gets to make you happy, spend evenings with you...
-Make me martinis, listen to Van Morrison...
-Smell your skin...
-...after a day at the beach.
-And read the papers...
-...on a Sunday morning.
-A rainy Sunday morning. And pepper your belly with baby kisses. Sorry...
-There's a guy out there that thinks the same thing about Tracy. He's jealous of you, you getting to do all that with her.
-Can you think of anything better than making love to an attractive stranger on a frozen lake with just an oil light to guide your way? Can you think of anything better?
-Going back to Chicago. Ice-cold martini. Van Morrison.
-Sunday papers. Got you.

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